Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Too Hot To Do Anything

So this morning I'm sleeping away and just before I woke up to let Hiker outside, I start to have this dream. I'm dreaming the I'm with Hiker and my brother Keith and we are out at Vasquez Rocks and it is very cloudy and there is thunder and lightning off in the distance. There was another person with us, but I could not tell who it was. We were checking out some kind of water tank or something that was at the rocks. We noticed that out in the desert to the east, the clouds were getting worse and then we could see that it was raining really hard out there and the lightning was going crazy. Then we started getting some really big rain drops so we started to head back to the car. Just before we got there we noticed a funnel cloud starting to form about 5 miles to the east of us and it came down and hit the ground really fast and was heading right at us. It was a huge classic tornado and then a smaller one came down so there were two funnels...a big one and a smaller one. We started to run and we noticed it starting to hit things and saw the debris flying all over the place. We made it to the car and I turned to take pictures of the tornado when it was about a mile from us and then I woke up. I was actually breathing hard from “running” in my dream.
Got up and had breakfast and then I headed out to do my grocery shopping. Was already getting hot a muggy. We are getting humidity from Hurricane Marie. Wish some of that humidity would bring some rain because my lawn is turning so brown even though I am watering it 3 times a week like they want us to.
I had to do "surgery” on one of Hiker's toys. She gets it by the tail and shakes it all over and the seams started to come apart and its stuffing was almost about to come out of it. Happy to say the toy survived.
I have to have another eye injection this Friday. Keith is coming for the long weekend. I hope that the inky stuff that will be in my right eye will interfere with our weekend. I might have to go buy a new laptop. My Dell 17” laptop is just under 5 years old so I don't know why it is acting up, but it is. It's really slow booting up (I've done all kinds of scans and defrags on it and I have not viruses).
Was hot again today so didn't really do much this afternoon. Didn't even exercise. Just didn't feel like doing it.

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  1. What an interesting dream. Good luck with this injection. Hope you don't get those floaters.


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