Sunday, August 10, 2014

Busy Sunday

Got up at 6 am so I could have the smaller furniture moved out of the way for the Chem Dry Carpet Cleaning man. My appointment was at 9 am however Brooks showed up just after 8:30 am which was fine with me. He was really nice. He told me that he had seen me walking Hiker around town when he was driving to or from a job.
He gave me the 10% senior discount on the carpet cleaning, plus because he had to change our appointment from last Thursday to today, he also gave me 50% off a ScotchGard treatment on the carpet. Thought that was really nice of him.
Hiker was having a fit when Brooks first came in. I had put her out on the patio just before he arrived. After she settled down some, I let her come and meet him so that she knew it was OK for him to be in the house. He told me that he has a very gentle pit bull.
While he was cleaning, I went out to the patio with Hiker so that we would be out of his way. Took him about an hour and a half to clean the entire house. He told me that he pulled a lot of deep down dirt out of the carpet. I must say that it looks almost as good as when it was brand new. Smells good too.
Problem is now, Hiker is chasing flies all over the house. They got in while Brooks had the front door open. They have to keep it open because their hose for the cleaner comes out of the back of their van and through the door.
Finally got all of the small furniture back into place around 1 pm. I decided to put the big ottoman that came with my couch in my bedroom so that Hiker could use it for a bed. Since I got the smaller mattress, she leaves if I start moving around. The ottoman is big so she can stretch out on it as much as she wants and stay in the room with me.
Had some lunch and then after lunch I went out and adjust some of my sprinkler heads in the back yard. I noticed this morning when they came on around 4:15 am that one of them was hitting my bedroom sliding door, so I need to fix that.
Had a scare with my big Dell laptop. I was working on it when all of a sudden I lost my network on it. I didn't even give me any choices to pick from. My network was fine on my smaller Toshiba laptop. I just kept messing around with it and I don't know what I did, but somehow, I got my network back on it. Then I had to reset my home group so I could share things between the two laptops and my printer.
Below are some photos of some bad spots in my carpet before and after the cleaning. The left side is before showing the spots, the right side shows how good it looks now.

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  1. Carpet looks good. That is nice you put that ottoman in the room for Hiker. Bet she loves it. Hope your network stays online. I'd miss you if you couldn't get online.


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