Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Normal Wednesday

I didn’t fall asleep until almost 2 am this morning. Don’t know what was going on, but I just could not go to sleep.
Hiker also acted like she wanted to bite me last night. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back, she was on my pillow. I was trying to get her to move and she started growling at me, which she often does, but this time she started curling her lips and snarling at me with her teeth showing. I went to push her to the side and she let out a really “mean” bark. I actually jumped back because I thought she was going to bite me. But she didn’t and she finally moved. Then she started licking me as if she was apologizing. I’m guessing she was half asleep and didn’t want to move and maybe didn’t realize it was me trying to move her.
I had planned on sleeping in, but Hiker didn’t let me, so we were up a little after 7 am. Had some breakfast and then I went over to Sam’s Club? Spent a lot of money again, but this time I bought some things that I don’t normally buy because they were on sale and I figured I’d stock up.
Came home, put the things I bought away and then took Hiker out for a walk. We did about a mile and a half down along the dry river bed.
Came back home, filled my hummer feed in the front yard, then settled down to watch TV.
Turned on KCAL9 News after the Y&R and once again, they used my personal weather station information for the weather in Canyon Country. I was in the other room, so I missed seeing my smiling face  on the TV, but I heard them mention my name.
Went online to Amazon today because of their “Prime Day” hoping that the “bed-in-a-bag” I’ve been looking at would be on sale, but it wasn’t. I went ahead and ordered it anyway though. I heard that a lot of people were disappointed because I guess not that much was really on sale.

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  1. I was not real impressed with the Prime Day sale either. Weird that Hiker snarled at you like that. She was probably sleeping like you said.


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