Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sleepy Saturday

Decided to sleep in some this morning. I basically just doze a little when I do go back to bed after letting Hiker outside. I hate myself thought when I do that because I always feel lazy the rest of the day when I do that.
Got up around 8 am and then made some pancakes for breakfast. Put the laundry into the washer and settled down in front of the TV.
It was already 80° by 10 am so I knew it was going to be a hot day. Hiker kept trying to find a cool spot in the house to nap.
I had a nice long phone call with my friend Karren Meggitt who now lives up in Idaho. Had not spoken to her for several months. Karren and I worked together for many years at Lockheed.
Was too hot to go outside and do anything today so Hiker and I stayed inside the nice cool house all day. She napped while I watched TV.

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  1. A cool day inside is exactly how I spent the day too. too hot out there.


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