Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nice Morning Walk - Credit Fraud

Hiker and I slept in this morning. She kept trying to make me get up earlier, but I made her leave me alone until around 7:45.
Got up, had breakfast and then headed out to buy lottery tickets and decided to drive over to Bridgeport Lake to do a morning walk. Our mornings have been nice so I knew we needed to walk before the heat in the middle of the day. We did a mile and a half. Hiker was trying to catch a snowy egret who was sitting at the edge of the manmade lake.
One thing I must say about this summer…so far we’ve had cool mornings and it cools down really nice in the evening. Actually it’s been a pretty mild summer for us.
I received an email from Chase asking me to verify if I had made a purchase yesterday that they denied due to the fact that they thought it was suspicious. I’m glad they do that because I did not make the purchase. Instead of responding to the email, because I wasn’t sure if it was for real, I called them. The have closed that credit card account and will send me a new card with a new number. I have no idea what caused them to think it was suspicious, but I’m glad they did. I Googled the company they said they denied payment. It was Banwire and it seems to be accompany in Mexico kind of like PayPal. I’m guessing because it is located in Mexico that is what made Chase suspicious.
After I spoke with Chase on the phone and settled down to think about this, I felt so violated. It’s hard to describe how I felt really. I started wondering how someone got my credit card number. I have it with me all of the time. I only use it to purchase things on Amazon and I also use it for gasoline. It is NEVER out of my possession. It makes me very nervous now about using a credit card online. I have always had excellent credit and I don’t want anything to happen to that.
Did a little house work this afternoon and then settled down to watch some TV.
Tomorrow I have an appointment with my retinal specialist at Kaiser at 9 am. Time for me to get another injection in my right eye.


  1. You can't trust anyone with your credit cards anymore. I had used my bank and credit card at Target when they had their breech. They sent me new cards so I didn't have any problems. It is frustrating. Take care , Sheila

  2. Bridgeport Lake sounds nice. I'm glad Hiker did not catch the snowy egret. I have had my credit info stolen so I know how violated you feel. Glad Chase caught it. Good luck with your eye.


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