Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fun Day At Antique Car Museum

Normally Hiker and I would sleep in a little bit on Wednesday, but Jean mentioned the other day that she would like to take the dogs on a walk this morning, so we were up at 5:45 and out for our walk by 7 am. Was totally overcast and cool. I had on shorts and a t-shirt and I was actually a little cold.
We always have ‘May Gray’ and ‘June Gloom’ but usually do not have overcast days in July, so it was a nice change.
Jean took her dogs home while I made Hiker and I some poached eggs. At 9:30, Jean came back and she and I drove down to Sylmar, CA to the Nethercutt Antique Automobile Museum. Ben and I had gone there several years ago, but Jean had never been there.
She seemed to really enjoy looking at all of the old automobiles and reading the history on them. I was ‘in love’ with all of the hood ornaments.
My favorite care there has always been the 1948 Tucker Sedan. Ever since I saw the movie “Tucker”, I have always wanted one of them. There were 51 made and there are still 48 of them in existence. The one at the museum is #40.
I was surprised to see how many people were visiting the museum because back when Ben and I went, we were the only visitors there the entire time we were there.
We headed home and decided to go by the Fire House Subs in Valencia for a sandwich. That place is always crowded. If you compare their sandwiches to Subway’s sandwiches, Fire House is a 10 whereas Subway is a big fat 0! The servicers at Fire House are great too. So friendly and so efficient. We complimented the manager on his employees.
Came home to find Hiker waiting for me. It felt so good to get off my feet as they were hurting pretty much since we had spent almost 2 hours walking around the museum.
The sun was finally peeking through the clouds when we got home.

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  1. Tucker Sedans are definitely cool cars. I can see why you like them. Hood ornaments are always interesting to look at too. Glad you had a good time.


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