Monday, July 20, 2015

Too Hot And Muggy To Go Outside

Don’t know what got into me but I slept in until almost 8:30 this morning. Normally I would have gotten up before 6 am to do a dog walk with Jean and her dogs, but when I got up, it looked very threatening outside.  Big, dark clouds. So I called Jean and she said she really didn’t want to go out because everything was so wet from the storm last night and didn’t want the dogs to get all wet and muddy. I agreed, so I went back to bed.
Thought our rain was over after what we got on Saturday (.58”) but then a little after 6 pm last evening, it started to rain again and it POURED! No lightning and thunder this time but my weather station says we got 1.25” of rain in just a couple of hours.
What’s left over from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Dolores is taking a long time to pass through us. They are saying we may get more rain from it later.
Heard on the local news this morning that this is now the wettest July SoCal has had in history. The normal rainfall in downtown Los Angeles for July is .03” and they have already gotten about 1” from this storm. I was checking out the NOAA website and there is another storm developing in the Gulf of California and if it becomes a tropical storm or hurricane, it will be named Felicia.
But….even though we’ve gotten this much rain, it doesn’t even put a dent in our 4 year drought. We still have a long way to go. Several of my friends put buckets and barrels out yesterday to catch the rain so they can use it on their plants when we get dry again. They said they hated to see it just run down the streets. I don’t have any big buckets so I couldn’t save any of it.


  1. Sometimes sleeping in is the best part of a day. It is wonderful you are getting the rain. The barrels and buckets sound like a great idea.

  2. Although rain can be a nuisance it is welcome when you have been suffering drought. We had a drought about five years ago and most people had water tanks installed to collect the water from the roof. It is handy for the garden. I'm sleeping in too because the mornings are pretty cold.


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