Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Hiker Girl Is So Good

Up at our usual time this morning. It was overcast and they keep saying there it a slight chance of rain.
Had some breakfast and then drove Hiker over to Tags to get all of her shots. She needed 4 vaccines, but they did them all with 3 injections. Really needed to get her Rabies shot because it is almost time for her license to come due and the 3 years on the Rabies one was almost up. I think she knew this time what she was there for because she was a little skittish, but she was a good girl. The vet gave her some cookies for being so good. I need to massage the area where they gave her the Rattlesnake vaccine so it won’t cause a lump.
Watched Y&R and had some lunch, the Hiker and I went for a walk. It was still totally overcast, so it was nice and cool outside. Never did past the mid-70s today.

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  1. What a sweetheart taking all those shots like she did. Hiker definitely deserved a treat after that, for sure.


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