Tuesday, July 7, 2015

If It's Tuesday...It's Lunch With The Girls Day

Up just before 7 am this morning. Had a little breakfast and then headed over to Stater Brothers to do my grocery shopping. Got there pretty early so there were not very many people in the store.
The weather was beautiful this morning. If I had not gone grocery shopping, it would have been a nice morning for a walk with Hiker.
I met up with Jane and Robyn from the grief group for lunch at Round Table Pizza. Ruth was supposed to join us, but she never showed up. We were there for 2 hours just talking about all kinds of stuff. Always fun even though only a couple of us show up now and then.
Even though it was around 90° today, there was a nice breeze, so it didn’t feel as hot has it did back when we were having all of that humidity.
Tomorrow, my neighbor Jean wants to do a dog walk in the morning and then she and I are going down to Sylmar to the Nethercutt Antique Auto Museum.

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  1. Your lunches always sound like fun. All those ladies gathered to talk. Have a great time visiting the Antique Auto Museum tomorrow. Enjoy.


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