Sunday, July 26, 2015

Simple Sunday

Forced myself to get out of bed early this morning so Hiker and I could get a nice walk in before it got too hot outside.
We headed out around 7:30 and walked down through Discovery Park and then along the dry riverbed bike/walking path. I decided to do 2 miles this morning because it was cool outside and I didn’t get any exercise yesterday.
I must admit that when I do get right out of bed and head out for a walk early in the morning, I feel much better throughout the day. Much better than I do when I am lazy and stay in bed until 8 am.
Got more exercise by doing my weekly vacuuming.
It was in the mid-90s here today and very breezy. The breeze made it feel cooler.


  1. Good Idea to go for your walk early in the morning! I like your windchimes.

  2. Nothing like a cool breeze to lighten the mood. The walk sounds lovely.


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