Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clouds To The East

Up at 7 am again this morning. Made some poached eggs for breakfast and then Hiker and I headed up to Sam’s Club so I could fill the car with gasoline. Came back by home for a few minutes and then headed over to Todd Longshore Park to take a walk. It was already 75° when we left. Walked a mile around the park and decided to head for home because it was getting very warm and I was sweating a lot.
When I got home, I noticed that my main laptop had the download for the new Windows 10 so I installed it. Took about an hour or so to get it installed and ready to use. My other 2 laptops don’t have the download for it yet. I’m thinking maybe my main laptop got the download first because it had Windows 8.1 while the other 2 laptops have Windows 7 and I’m thinking Microsoft may be downloading to the Windows 8.0 and 8.1 computers first.
So far I see just a few changes but it does look different and will take a little while to get used to using a few of the new options on it.
Since it was too hot outside today and Hiker and I only got a 1 mile walk in the park this morning, I decided to do a 1 mile indoor walk with my Leslie Sansone DVD. So now I have my 2 mile walk in for today.

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  1. A wonderful day, for sure. Love that beautiful sky.


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