Sunday, July 5, 2015

Glad The Holiday Is Over

Got up to let Hiker outside around 6 am and went right back to bed. Didn’t get much sleep last night due to the parties and fireworks. Hiker was terrified.
The oldest kid across the street (and when I say ‘kid’, I mean in his 20’s) threw a July 4th party, plus it was his birthday. Usually when he has a party, they get a little loud, but not too rowdy. Last night they got way out of control. They started shooting off fireworks in the middle of the street around 11:30 pm and there were kids (young adults) all over the place. I looked out a couple of times and they were in my yard, on my driveway, the neighbor’s yard, all up and down the street. Cars that were coming up the street had to stop and turn around because they could not get through. They were shooting off the big fireworks which worried me because everything is so dry. They were shouting and singing. At least they sang “The Star Spangled Banner” and chanted “USA”.
I went out to look around this morning and the remains of fireworks are all over the street. I picked up pieces of them from my yard, including blown up firecrackers and bottle rockets and when I looked up at my roof, I could see bottle rocket sticks all over my roof. Good thing we don’t have shake shingles here. The wind must have been blowing towards my house because I didn’t see pieces of firework on any other roofs. I got it all.
The youngest kid across the street is in his early 20’s and he is great. He got out there and cleaned up all of the mess in the street.
So as I said, Hiker and I went right back to bed this morning after she went out to potty and slept until almost 8:30 am. I felt like I had a hangover.
Did not do a morning walk because we slept in late, plus my heel is still hurting me quite a bit from yesterday’s walk. I think I over did.
Have a busy week coming up. Tomorrow we do our usual Monday dog walk with Jean and then I have to go to Sam’s Club. Tuesday I have to go grocery shopping in the morning and then meet some of the group girls for lunch. Wednesday Jean and I are going over to the Nethercutt Antique Auto Museum in Sylmar. Thursday I have to take Hiker over to Tags to get her annual vaccinations and Friday we have our dog walk with Jean and the Jean is going to groom Hiker.


  1. Sometimes when people party they let things get out of hand. Because of how dry it is there I would have been terrified of potential fires too. I'm glad nobody got hurt. It is nice someone cleaned up all the mess in the street. But what about your roof?

  2. Sounds like a busy week! It was nice of the younger brother to clean up the debris in the street. Now things should be back to normal.


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