Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another Muggy Day

Was really lazy this morning. Did not get out of bed until after 8 am. I was going to watch “CBS Sunday Morning” but I kept falling asleep.
Had some breakfast and washed my bed sheets, then I did my vacuuming. It is so humid after our thunderstorms yesterday that I was drenched in sweat when I was done.
About those thunderstorms…my personal weather station logged .58” of rain which is something we never get here in July. I heard on the morning news that several towns got record breaking amounts of rain. They say we still have a chance of a few scattered storms today.
Had to remember to shut off my sprinkler system for tomorrow. Because of the drought, we are not supposed to water at least 48 hours after we’ve had rain. Tomorrow is my designated watering day, but it won’t be 48 hours until Tuesday morning, so I’ll have to turn the sprinklers back on for Thursday which is my next designated watering day.
Would have liked to walk some today, but I got up too late and it was already too hot and muggy. Was hoping it would cloud over and get cool like it did yesterday. It went from 90° down to 72° yesterday in about an hour.
Going to do some indoor walking with my Leslie Sansone DVD. At least I’ll get some exercise.

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  1. Sounds like you got quite a bit of rain. The ground must have soaked it up. Nothing worse than seeing a sprinkler water the grass in the rain. Glad you are turning it off.


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