Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Would have loved to sleep in this morning as it was cold when Hiker went outside to potty, but my neighbor Jean wanted to do a dog walk because the dogs had not been together to play for over a week. 
After the walk and play date, Hiker and I had breakfast. I felt tired because I still have not completely recovered from the cold that I had a few days ago. 
I decided to watch a movie on Netflix. Decided to watch “Son Of God”. Thought it was appropriate for Christmas Day. I found it to be pretty much the same as “Jesus Christ, Superstar” but without the music. I enjoyed what I saw of it, but the walk this morning had made me so tired that I kept dozing off.
It stayed in the low 50’s here all day. We never did get the rain they had said might come. It started to get cloudy last evening around dinner time. I thought maybe it would rain during the night and into this morning, but we did not get a drop. Even though it was cold outside all day, it was sunny and they sky was clear.

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