Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

That cold really zapped all of the energy out of my body. It is still hanging on some. Had trouble dragging myself out of bed this morning. I’d probably still be there if Hiker hadn’t insisted I get up.
It was chilly here this morning…in the 30’s. They keep saying we have a chance of rain tonight and into tomorrow. That would be nice because we rarely have cold weather and rain on Christmas. Hiker and I have no plans for either day except to veg out on the couch, so rain would be great.
I had a moment a while today. While watching my soap (Young & Restless) there was a commercial showing that CBS is going to show 2 Andy Griffith Show episodes tomorrow for Christmas. One being "The Christmas Story" and the other being "The Pickle Story". The Andy Griffith Show was Ben's all time, very favorite TV show and those were 2 of his favorite episodes. I suddenly wished he was here to watch them with me and it brought tears to my eyes. 
I have been tired and a little light headed all day today. Proves that I’m still not completely over this cold. I’ll be resting all weekend as Keith will be coming to visit next week and I want to be well when he is here so we can go places. I think some of the light headedness might be from my vision. I’m hoping that when I go to get some contact lenses for my left eye on December 29th that I will be able to focus better. 
Hiker and I have no plans for tomorrow.
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you get what you asked Santa for.


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