Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cold Here

Hiker and I slept in late this morning. I noticed last evening that Hiker whimpered a little again when she jumped up on the bed. I’m thinking the cold weather is making her joints hurt because we had a couple of days that were warmer and she was fine. She was jumping up on the bed and sofa with no problem at all. Funny thing is, she still runs around and plays with her toys and even wanted to pay with her football in the backyard today. It seems it’s just that she doesn’t have the strength to jump up on things.
I met my friends for lunch the Backwoods Inn today. Had a great time as usual. Love those gals.
Tomorrow I have an appointment with my retinal specialist. Jean is picking me up around 9:30 to head down to Panorama City.
Front row left to right…Robyn, Carol and Linda. Back row left to right…Me, DeDee, Jane and Ruth.

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