Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sad Day

Hiker and I are getting too used to sleeping in each morning until 8 am. Have had no reason all week to get up early so have been staying all tucked in under the covers.
I did get some housework done today. I was not able to do any the week after my surgery so it needed to be done.
Sat down and got all ready to watch the Y&R and about 10 minutes into the show, they broke in with the news of a mass shooting in a Social Services building in San Bernardino, CA. So have been sitting on the sofa most of the day watching the on-going news.
So far 14 confirmed dead and at least 14 injured and in hospitals. Sad situation.
Not much else to report on this day.

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  1. Yes it was a sad day!
    Why,Why must they kill ??


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