Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Got up a little after 7 am and I release Hiker on Keith so she could wake him up.

We had some breakfast and then Keith and I headed out to put gas in my car and stop by Wal-Mart. Also stopped at Home Depot because I needed a new lamp shade.  Stopped by Big Lots on our return home. We then headed out again. Went to Best Buy where I bought myself a late Christmas present. I’ve been wanting a very small laptop to replace the Win Book tablet I bought a while back. I never was happy with the tablet. Best Buy had a little Leveno with a 10” screen on sale for $199.00. It doesn’t have very much hard drive space on it, but I just wanted it for a spare to play with. I already have two 17” laptops and one 15” laptop, but wanted a little one that is more “portable”.

After Best Buy, we headed over to the California Fish Grill and had lunch, then Keith wanted to get his car washed, even though we are expecting rain next week.

We came home after that and decided to lock ourselves inside for New Year’s Eve and stay away from all the crazy party people.


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