Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hiker Seems Much Better Today

Hiker seemed better during the day yesterday and today, but she still is being very careful when she jumps up on the bed or sofa and she still is very nervous about me touching her anywhere near her butt or back legs. She has not whimpered since the first day, so whatever the problem is appears to be getting better, but I’m still keeping an eye on her.
Some people have suggested that it may be her bowel glands but she seems to be going potty OK and she is not dragging her bottom like dogs do when the glands need to be expressed.
I’m still thinking that she just had a sore muscle or leg and hopefully not walking her for a couple of days will help. She still runs around like a crazy dog playing with her toys, so she can’t be in much pain.
Sometimes I think she is reacting to me being so worried and upset whenever she seems to be hurt or have something wrong.
She actually went outside and we played with her football for a while. She was running around pretty good, but she still is cautious when she wants to jump onto the sofa or the bed. Seems it’s just something to do with the jumping and not the running.
I spoke with Jean on the phone and asked her if she would check Hiker’s glands tomorrow and she said she will, but she doesn’t think that is the problem since Hiker is not dragging her butt.
Started getting high, thin clouds here around 11:00 am. Had a few earlier this morning, but really started to roll in. Hope we get the rain they keep promising. My brother Ron who lives in Northern California has had rain for 2 days.
Got a call from our community office that my water will be turned off between 9 am and 2 pm tomorrow. There has been a water leak down the street from me for several weeks and they are just now getting around to fixing the problem, so they have to turn the water off on my block. Our Christmas Party is in the community rec room tomorrow night.
By late afternoon, Hiker seemed to pretty much be back to her old self, but I’m still going to keep an eye on her.

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