Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Enjoyable Lunch With My Friends

Fell back to sleep again this morning after Hiker came back in after she went potty. I had the TV on to watch the morning news, but could stay awake. Hiker was asleep too, but she stood up on the bed to stretch and it woke me up and I noticed it was almost 10 minutes after 8.
After I had a bowl of cereal of breakfast, Hiker and I walked down to our community office to pay the monthly land lease. Hiker likes to go down there because she knows that Marcie has doggy treats in her desk drawer. When I mentioned to Hiker that we needed to walk down there, she got all excited and started whining at the door and she pulled me all the way down the street and around the corner to get there. When I opened the door to the rec room, Hiker pulled me right into Marcie’s office and went right up to her for a treat.
I sure will be glad when I finally get to the optometrist to be examined for the contact lens for my left eye. Some days my eyes focus pretty good, but other days they don’t and I get slight headaches. The headaches are bad but they are annoying. Both my retinal specialist and my eye surgeon told me that if I didn’t get the contact lens and just wore eyeglasses with one plain lens and one prescription lens that I would get headaches. My appointment with the optometrist is the week after Christmas.
I just called Tags Clinic to make an appointment to have Hiker’s teeth cleaned. I’ve never had her teeth cleaned before so this is going to be something new. They do not use anesthesia so that’s good, but I know she will be afraid. A pet dentist comes to the clinic 3 times a month to do the cleanings and it’s about half the price that a regular vet charges.
Had lunch with my widowed friends at the Round Table Pizza today. Fun as usual.

Really nice day here today. Got up into the mid 70’s.

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