Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Tad Cooler Today...But Not Much

Did a 1.5 mile morning walk and then settled in for another hot day. Hiker is so smart. She loves playing with her bubbles and she knows where I keep them now. She will go lay near where I keep them, look up at the shelf they are on and cry until I get them to play with. She just loves chasing them all over the living room. She was very “active” this morning. Kept bringing one of her stuffed hedgehog toys to me for me to throw for her. She was running all over the house, which is good since it's still too hot for her to go out and play and get exercise. She once again barked at the trash truck when it came by to pick up the trash. She thinks the driver is “stealing” her property. It barely hit 100° here today, but it was still very hot.


  1. Great post Kay! Thanks for leaving a comment over on my blog :) you are so kind. Sorry I haven't visited yours lately!!! That is so cute that Hiker likes chasing the bubbles around! :) Hope you are doing well Kay!! ;)

  2. Oh Kay, Hiker is just so precious. Glad you got a walk in. Hopefully I will get to walk soon. I miss it!

  3. LOVE that Hiker likes the bubbles. I have one of those machines that blows them randomly. KEEP cool as best you can. Take care.


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