Friday, August 3, 2012

Thunder And Lightning

Got up early and headed over to Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping since my brother Keith is coming up from Orange for a visit this weekend. When I got home, I took Hiker for a short 1 mile walk. It was a little cloudy and humid out this morning. My eyes did not re-adjust back to normal from being dilated yesterday until just before I went to bed last night. That stuff sure lasts a long time. I decided to take a sleep aid last night before I went to bed. It helped me sleep but I still had some strange dreams. When I woke up, I remembered one dream. It seemed I was on vacation at my older brother's, but my mom was with me. My mom has been dead for 14 years. There was something she wanted me to pick up at the grocery store and I remember I was checking out every store in town and could not find what she wanted and I hadn't driven to these stores, I had walked so I was really getting tired and it was getting late at night and I was trying to get back to where she and my brother were. It got very cloudy here this afternoon and I started hearing thunder around 1:30 pm. By 1:45 it was starting to rain and the thunder was right over head. Hiker ran to the bedroom and tried to crawl behind the dresser, so I went in and sat down in the corner on the floor with her and cuddled her trying to calm her down. After the thunder stopped, I get out her bubbles and she was happy to start chasing them all over the living room.


  1. Glad that you were home and could cuddle her. I have to give our Patches a sedative from the vet when it's storming.

  2. HIKER you are not alone. My kitty Mira runs and hides when there is thunder and lightening too. A hug always helps. I'm getting my eyes dialated on Monday. Now I'm worried they won't adjust either. take care.


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