Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's Getting Cooler

Hiker and I met with Jean and her dogs this morning for a walk. Hiker is doing so much better with the other dogs now. When we go back to my house after the walk and turn them all loose in the back yard, Hiker is now starting to play with them and she is initiating the play. She used to just sit right next to my chair and not move an inch when they were here. She is also warming up to Jean more so hopefully the next time she gets groomed, she will do better than she did the last time. After Jean and the dogs went home, Hiker was pooped from all of the play which is a good thing. She crashed on the sofa for awhile. It cooled down enough last evening for me to walk Hiker down to Discovery Park for a little while. It was cooler this morning which was nice. Hopefully the heat wave has finally broken. Today was trash day and Hiker is always so funny on trash day because she thinks the trash man is “stealing” her property and she has a fit when he empties the can. Now she also comes back to me and barks to let me know that the can is empty because she wants to go outside with me to bring it back into the garage. Smart little booger. Around 12:30 pm, I turned on the afternoon TV News and they mentioned that Las Vegas was having really bad flash flooding. I texted Ben's sister Donna who lives there and she said they had just driven through the storm and that there were car accidents all over town. It was cooler here again. Still hot but not in the triple digits.

Here is a shot I took looking to the east of my from my front porch. You can see the thunderheads building up out over the desert.


  1. Oh yes, I live 2 hours north of Vegas, and we've had more rain than I've seen in a very long time. It rained heavy all night long with lots and lots of lightening and thunder. It's weird I tell ya. I'm glad sweet little Hiker had fun with her friends. It's good for them to get all tuckered out playing isn't it!

  2. Glad that Hiker has started playing with the other dogs. Smart girl to let you know the trash is gone so she can go outside.


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