Monday, August 27, 2012

Dog Walk And Some House Cleaning

Went for a dog-walk with Jean and then came back by my place for the dogs to play. Hiker was trying to initiate play with Sassy but Sassy didn't feel like playing because she is in her first heat. We ladies can relate. I remember those days when I was young and had cramps. No fun. Hiker didn't understand why Sassy didn't want to play. Hiker kept pawing at her and whimpering, but Sassy didn't want any part of it. After Jean left, I came in and cleaned house. I try to put that job off as long as I can because I hate cleaning house so much, but when the dust starts getting to where you can write in it and you start noticing spider webs, it's time. Lately, so many memories of Ben are going through my mind. Things he'd do, things he'd say, his silly faces, etc. I'm thinking it's because he birthday will be coming up in 2 weeks. He would have been 62 this year. Something he was looking forward to because he was going to start getting his Social Security. There are still times that I look in the mirror and tell myself “This is real. Ben is really gone”. The other day after group, Jane, who is fairly new to our group asked DeDee and I if we still had to sometimes stop and tell ourselves that our new lives are real. We both told her yes.

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