Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sizzling Saturday

Hiker didn't wake me up until 7:00 am this morning. That's about 45 minutes later than she normally wakes me. Once again, she did not eat all of her food when I fed her this morning. I'm sure it's the heat because she acts normal and she's been eating all of her food when I feed her in the evening. I'm also thinking that maybe she has gotten so used to me adding some “moist” dog food in with her dry food in the evenings that she doesn't like it in the morning when I just give her the dry food. It did not feel as hot today outside when I walked up to my mailbox. I cannot believe that August is half over. Where has this year gone? I'm really looking forward to the fall weather coming. I really want to get out on the canyon trails with Hiker. I have felt so cooped up this summer due to the hot weather and I'm sure that Hiker has too. I'm really going to miss the annual trip up to see my brother Ron this year with my brother Keith. But with Keith still out of work it's just not possible. Got up to 99° here today.

Took this while on our morning walk

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  1. What a beautiful photo! Just an awesome place to walk.


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