Friday, August 31, 2012

August Fades Away

Did a dog walk with Jean this morning. Had an extra dog along with us that she is watching for a friend this weekend. After the walk, put all of the dogs in my backyard for a little play. Hiker plays with them some, but she is still a little leery, especially when there is an extra dog in the mix. Sometimes I think Hiker is glad when all of the dogs leave because sometimes I think some of the barking gets on her nerves. It's funny, I see her looking at me with a “message” in her eyes like she's saying “Mom, can you make them go away”? (LOL) After Jean and the dogs left, I had breakfast and then headed over to the Time Warner store to exchange one of my remote controls. The “guide” button on it had stopped working. Then I drove over to Sam's Club and did a little shopping. Tried to stay busy most of the day. I just wish it would cool down enough that Hiker and I can start getting out more. No plans for the holiday weekend.

I took this photo of the setting Blue Moon this morning around 6:00 am when I let Hiker out.

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