Saturday, August 25, 2012

Needed Some Fresh Air

This morning when I got up just after 6:00 am to let Hiker out to potty, it was about 60° and totally foggy. I could not even see the hill up the street from me that is only a block away. It would have been a perfect morning for a hike but on Saturdays my mower comes and I have to be here to let him through the garage to mow the backyard. He cannot get to the part he mows by going through my gate because he would have to carry his mower over the gravel that we put on the north side of the house for drainage purposes. Maybe if we have the same weather tomorrow morning, Hiker and I will head over to Towsley Canyon. After lunch I decided since Hiker and I have been stuck in the house so long because of the heat wave we were having that we needed to get out for some fresh air, so I put Hiker in the car and we headed up to Vasquez Rocks. My car thermometer said it was 90° but the wind was blowing up there, as it always is, so it did not feel that hot. There were not very many people there today, probably because they figured it would be too warm. Took a few photos and then Hiker started heading back to the car, so I guess she decided it was time to head home. Think I'll make a meatloaf for dinner so I can have some sandwiches from the left-overs.

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  1. What a cute picture Kay!!!! I love it! I need to get out too, but I need to still stay off my feet. Oh well....


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