Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Got A New "Toy"

Last evening I took Hiker out into the backyard around 8:00 am and I noticed in the sky something that looked like a funnel cloud. I took several photos of it and posted them to Facebook. I watched the funnel for about 15 or 20 minutes and it very slowly moved across the sky. Very strange. Hiker and I did a 1.5 mile morning walk and then waited for Keith to arrive for his visit. Keith got her a little after 11:00 am. Hiker was so excited to see him she started jumping all over him and making whimpering sounds. She really loves him. I sometimes think it has to do with the fact that he went me the first time I saw her at the pet adoption day and also he went with me the first day I brought her home from the shelter. I think she remembers that. We waited for my gardener to the yard and then we headed over to Wendy's for lunch and then over to Best Buy where I bought an New iPad for myself. That's what they call it...the “New iPad”. They also had the older iPad 2 but I wanted the most recent one. We also went to a few other stores while we were out and then headed home for me to set up my iPad. I did not buy one with 3G (we don't have 4G here yet) because I did not want to have to buy a data plan. I can get free WiFi in a lot of place anyway.


  1. Enjoy the new toy.I have an older one and really like it.

  2. New toys are always fun. ENJOY!


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