Friday, August 17, 2012

I Had Forgotten It Was Friday

Hiker and I walked with Jean and her dogs this morning, plus Jean is boarding two other dogs for people in the neighborhood, so we had a total of six dogs on our walk today. This heat wave has Hiker all messed up. This morning she did not eat all of her food and that is a first for her. She has NEVER left food in her bowl before. After our walk I made breakfast for myself and then I had to run over to the bank and do some other errands. When I got back, I noticed Hiker going in every now and then and eating a little bit of the dry food she had left in her bowl. I guess her appetite is just off. When Jean and I were sitting on my patio with all of the dogs, I brought Hiker's bubbles outside to see how Jean's dogs reacted to them. They did not play with them like Hiker does. After I got back from my errands, Hiker wanted to play bubbles again so now I know I am going to have to get her an automatic bubble machine. It has gotten to where I can't remember what day it is anymore. I remember when I was working how much I looked forward to Friday, but today I had forgotten it was Friday.

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