Thursday, August 2, 2012

The "Eyes" have It

Took Hiker over to Tags Pet Clinic this morning and got her second rattlesnake vaccination. Once again, she was very good and I was very proud of her. Now if she would just be that good when I take her to her groomer. When I got her home, she was extremely hyper for some reason...kept wanting me to chase her and throw her toy. They have a dog named Duke at the clinic who stays in her area just by them putting down yellow tapes on the floor and telling him to stay behind them. It's strange, but he does stay behind those tapes. DeDee came around 11:00 am and then we went to lunch over at Route 66 Grill. After lunch, DeDee drove me over to the Ophthalmologist for my eye exam. I was diagnosed 6 years ago with a Macular Pucker. This is NOT the same as Macular Degeneration. Anyway, I thought it was getting worse so I wanted to have it checked out. I really liked the young female doctor. She told me the same thing I was told 6 years ago, that they do not like to do surgery until the problem gets really bad. She said that until it gets as bad as 20/40 or more they will consider surgery, but I'm still at 20/30 so she just wants to monitor my eyes every 6 months. I will go back in February to see her again. I may think it is getting worse because of stress or the fact that I don't sleep that well and my eyes are just tired. So it was good to hear that I won't be needing any eye surgery in the near future.

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