Tuesday, August 7, 2012

♪♫Hi Ho Come To The Fair♪♫

This morning after we got up Keith and I headed up to Ventura, CA to go to the Ventura County Fair. Keith had never been to a county fair, so this was a new thing for him. We had some really heavy traffic right after we got off the freeway and got to the fair about 30 minutes after it opened. When we were just inside the entrance gate, we ran into my friends Linda and DeDee. We originally had all planed to go to the fair together, but I didn't now want to leave Hiker alone any longer than I had too, so we decided to take separate cars. Linda had entered one of her crocheted purses made from recycled plastic bags at the fair and I saw that she had gotten 2nd prize for it. Congrats my friend. We wandered through the exhibit buildings, checked out some of the livestock and walked around the midway where all of the “barf making” rides are. I would not have ridden those rides even if I was much younger. Instead of eating at the fair (the prices are outrageous) Keith and I decided to go into Old Town Ventura for lunch. Before we left the fairgrounds, we walked over to the beach to take a few photos. The ocean breeze was so nice and cool and we cringed at the thought of heading back home to Santa Clarita where it was already well over 100°. We ate at the Busy Bee Cafe on Main Street in Old Town and then took a little walk down by the Ventura Mission and then went back to the car and headed for home. Hiker was very excited to see us and gave us kisses. Sure wish I could have bottled some of that cool weather up there and brought it back home with me.

My brother Keith at the fair

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  1. Fairs are always fun. Glad you had a GOOD time.


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