Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Another Day

Got up and headed over to Wal-Mart to do my grocery shopping. It was very humid out. I wish Wal-Mart would stock their grocery shelves better. They are the least expensive store for me to go to around here but sometimes they run out of stuff and they don't restock for days. I noticed there were several workers in the toy section unloading boxes and boxes of toys. I said something to one of them and they told me that they are stocking up for Christmas. It gets earlier and earlier every year. I noticed that the Jr. High School near me is back in session already. Seems so early, but then they did get out for the summer back in May. When I was in school, we got out for summer near the end of June and didn't go back until after Labor day. Hiker and I have a dog-walk date with Jean and her dogs tomorrow morning. Hiker seems to be getting more used to the other dogs, but she still acts a little shy. I guess I'm going to have to try to find and buy a bubble machine for Hiker. She expects me to do nothing but blow bubbles all day for her to chase around the house. I just have to figure out where I can find a bubble machine. Got up to 102° here today.

This morning when I drove the the school I could hear the intercom at the school and every morning the principal makes her daily speech. As I drove by, I heard her sat "remember our dress code and girls, please remember that your under graments should not be visible." REALLY? She has to remind them of that? Oh...maybe she does.

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