Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Waiting Around All Day

Took the 4Runner over to the Toyota Dealer first thing this morning to get it serviced and smogged. I decided to have the customer shuttle bring me home since it was only 8:15 am when I was there and they said the car would not be ready until after 11:00 am. My friend Marill had told me that when she goes to the Toyota Dealer that she takes her dog along with her. She does not live in California so I asked my service advisor Julie if they were “dog friendly” and she told me that they are. I had never seen anyone with a dog there until today. They also told me that if I brought her and they ended up having to keep my vehicle longer that the dogs are allowed to ride in the shuttle too. I'm thinking next time I take the vehicles (in cooler weather) that I can take Hiker with me and she and I can walk on the paseo behind the dealer to get our exercise while waiting for them to service the vehicles. It seems that more and more places are becoming dog friendly. When I let Hiker out at 6:00 am, it was already 70°. By 9:30 am it was already 82° and very humid. Still had not heard anything from the Toyota Dealer by 11:45 am so I called, but I got my service advisor's voicemail, so she must have been out to lunch. Called my service advisor again around 12:45 pm and once again got her voicemail. If you call the main service number, they just tell you she is at lunch or whatever and they have no information about if my vehicle is ready or not. They pass you over to the service advisor's voicemail to leave a message. I was afraid to make lunch because I thought if I did that they would call to tell me that it was ready and that the shuttle was on its way to pick me up. They called a little after 1:00 pm. We got up to 104° today.

Spotted this huge cloud bank on my way home from the dealer.

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