Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good Tuesday

Went to Grief Support Group today. Went very well. Edwin is finally “settling down” so he is not so obnoxious any more. After group, me, DeDee and Jane went over to Cathy's Deli for lunch and conversation. I really look forward to and enjoy those lunches after group. When I got home I called and made an appointment to have my 4Runner serviced and smogged at the Toyota dealer next week and then I called Jean (Hiker's groomer) for a dog-walking date tomorrow morning. I no more that sat down to give Hiker some attention when my phone rang and it was my long-time friend Karren Meggitt calling to see how I've been. Ben and I used to get together with Karren and her husband Wally for lunches, etc. In fact, we went on vacation with them twice many years ago. It got up to 95° here today and it really didn't feel too bad when I went outside to get the mail.

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  1. Maybe a turnaround a coming? Fingers crossed!


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