Sunday, August 19, 2012

Will It Every Be Cool Again?

This heat has really gotta go. I keep waking up later and later each morning and even Hiker is not waking me up at her normal time, so I'm assuming that she is sleeping later too. Last night I had trouble going to sleep. I think I finally dozed off around 1:00 am. When we did finally get up, I went and got my Lotto ticket and then took Hiker on a 1 mile walk inside of my dated community. Once again spent the day inside watching movies on LMN and Hallmark. I will be sooooo glad when Fall gets here. I'm starting to get cabin fever. I have to go outside with Hiker several times a day because if I don't she will not go out on her own. She will hold her pee because she does not want to go out into the heat. It did feel a little cooler outside today. I sat in the shade of my big tree while she wandered around sniffing the yard. I am not looking forward to seeing my electric bill for this month.


  1. I'm into autumn mode here since the temps dropped. I hope things cool off for you soon. Electric bills have been out of this world expensive with the air conditioner going as much as they have this summer. Poor Hiker, holding it to avoid the heat. I keep forgetting I have The Hallmark channel. Thanks for reminding me with your mention of it here. LOL Take care.

  2. I know what you mean, I just wonder if it will ever be cool again! My electric bill last month was awful, I'm pretty sure this next one won't be much better!


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