Friday, August 24, 2012

Hiker Was Pooped

Hiker and I had a dog walking date with Jean and her dogs this morning. Hiker is really doing well with the other dogs. She is not so shy with them now. She even initiates some of the play now. Hiker was so “pooped” after Jean and her dogs left that she just crashed most of the day. The weather has cooled down about 10 degrees and I'm hoping it continues to do so, but here in SoCal we still have very hot weather in September. Kaiser sure has been bugging me about getting my mammogram. They give them every 2 years and I'm not really due until October, but they called me in February about it and then I got a letter from them last week to call them and then they called me again today. I finally made an appointment but I made it for October. No need to have it done before it's due. Watched a movie today called “Jumping The Broom”. I really enjoyed it. I remember seeing previews on it before it was in the theaters. I watched it on “Encore”. Hit about 90° again today but didn't really feel that hot outside.

Here is a photo of Hiker and her buddy Sassy

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