Sunday, August 12, 2012

When Will This Heat Wave End?

Got out early again with Hiker for our walk. Walked around 7:20 am and it was already 80° out. When I got home I had breakfast and then went and got my Lotto tickets. Came home, put my sheets and towels in the washing machine and then vacuumed Hiker's hair up. Also had to make some adjustment to my lawn sprinklers in the backyard. I noticed that one of them was spraying the patio instead of the lawn. Didn't mind working on the sprinklers because I was getting wet and it felt pretty good in the heat. Today something happened that has not done in quite awhile. I was making the bed. I have a throw that I put on the bed that Ben and I got in Ferndale. It has the buildings from Main Street Ferndale on it. I was putting my bed back together after washing my sheets and when I put that throw on the bed, I started to think of how much I was looking forward to Ben getting well and getting out of that hospital last year. I was looking forward to him retiring and looking forward to the two of us going on more trips to Ferndale and to other places I've always wanted to visit because we'd now have the time and money to do it because we'd both be getting our Social Security. I started to cry and I sat on Ben's side of the bed and sobbed. I have not done that for several weeks, maybe even months. I called Jean (Hiker's groomer) to make a dog-walk date with her for tomorrow morning. I will be so glad when fall gets here so I can start getting out with Hiker again on the mountain trails. My brother Ron called me from Paradise, CA. It is really hot in northern California where he lives too. There are also some forest fires burning so he says it is also really smoky there. I took Hiker outside around 2:00 pm and it was 105° and getting windy. Hopefully that wind will eventually cool us down some. That sure would be nice.

Hiker taking a nape on a hot day


  1. I get those unexpected grief attacks and don't like them.I guess we just need to get those tears out of our system.

  2. That's all Tiah has done today, sleep. I'm glad you had a good cry, it's cleansing. I'm so sorry for your grief. How hard this has all been on you. I kinda know what it feels like, I've had two husbands leave me. I felt like part of me was yanked away. Had to learn all over again just to be me. Hardest thing I've ever done. Take care dear friend.


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