Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cloudy All Day...But I Like It

I am getting so lazy! On the days that I don't have anything planned, I let Hiker out to potty around 6:15 am and then she and I go back to bed until about 8:00 am. The bed just feels so good that the two of us just fall back to sleep. Took Hiker with me to buy my Lotto ticket this morning. She just loves riding in the car. After we got home, we went for a walk inside our gated community. Then I had to do a little housework. I hate housework. I hear some of my girlfriends talk about their “cleaning lady” and sometimes I am so jealous. Just got back from taking a second walk with Hiker. I'm so glad that we finally got cool weather so she and I can once again do both a morning and an afternoon walk. It is still cloudy outside.

Morning walk

Afternoon walk

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  1. It's nice you have such nice trails for you and your faithful companion, Hiker. What a sweetheart. Glad you're getting out in spite of cooler temps. I'll take your 'cooler' anytime. Ours has been in the teens and 20's. Brrr


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