Monday, November 19, 2012


Hiker and I got up this morning and headed out for our dog walk with Jean. There were a few clouds then, but it became bright and sunny. I've been having a problem with my left ear since yesterday morning. I've noticed that I've had some “ringing” in my ear and the sound I'm picking up in that ear is a little “tinny”. I'm hoping that I'm not starting to have a hearing loss in that ear. I tried flushing my ear with peroxide and water, and it helped a little, but the sound in the left ear still is not a clear as in my right. I'm trying some suggestions I found online to loosen up the wax. Took the 4Runner up to Sam's Club to fill my tank. Hiker went with me. She sure loves to ride in the car. We also went for a short walk this afternoon. It was just too beautiful outside to stay inside the house. We went down to Discovery Park and walked around in the dry riverbed. The main riverbed may be dry but I've heard that the creeks in the hills along the trails that Hiker and I hike have a little water in them due to the few days of light rain we had.

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  1. Hi Kay if you have been dizzy and have ear problems, it may be related to your inner ear. You should see a doctor about it.


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