Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Walk In The Morning/Hike In The Afternoon

Hiker and I had to go over to the bank this morning so I could cash some checks I received for doing online surveys. I have gotten kind of paranoid about going to the bank because we have had so many bank robberies here in Santa Clarita lately. My bank branch has a bullet proof screen protecting the tellers, but if someone comes in with a gun, the customers are not protected. When we got back home, I took Hiker out for her morning walk. Had high, thin clouds and it was in the low 60's when we were out. Jean (my neighbor) had wanted to go for a hike this morning but she had a doctor's appointment, but she called me from Kaiser in Panorama City when she was done and asked if we could still do a hike this afternoon. She got here around 12:30 and we headed over to Towsley Canyon and hiked the front of the 5.1 mile loop trail. We only did 2.5 miles. There is a bench on the trail about 1.25 miles in so we hiked to there and then back. Hiker sure loves getting out on the trails again. We were surprised to see several people out on the trail in the afternoon. Most people go out in the morning.

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