Monday, November 26, 2012

Last Monday Of November

Stayed up and watched that “Liz & Dick” movie on Lifetime last night. Was not impressed with it. It was not made very well and it was all “mish mash”. Went for our morning dog walk with Jean. While I was out, the chimney sweep guy called, so I called him back and he is coming out on Thursday to check out my fireplace and chimney. Then I called the guy who sold us our Puronics whole house water filter. It's time for them to come and do a carbon flush. He promised the first one free, so I want to get it done. Mopped my kitchen floor and then went outside and trimmed back so rose bushes. I took my hummer feeder down because I had not seen any hummers for awhile and wouldn't you know, right after that I saw a hummer out on the patio looking for the feeder. I cleaned it up, refilled it and put it back out. We get hummers all year round her in SoCal. Put away the few Fall/Thanksgiving decorations I had on the porch. Put out a Christmas decorative flag but that's all I am going to do for this year. Maybe someday I will feel like celebrating the holidays again, but not this year. My brother Keith called me. He is so thrilled to be working some again, even if it is just “consultant” work for the company that laid him off a year ago. He is hoping that it will lead to them hiring him full time again. It's good to hear the happiness in his voice again when he talks about working. Took Hiker down to Discovery Park this afternoon. Nice day. They had said we would only get up to 67° today, but it got up to 75° and it was breezy. We were heading back home when three snowy egrets took off and flew really low over the park. Hiker saw them and she stopped, sat down and just watched them soar across the sky. When the were out of sight, she got up and headed for home. I noticed that all of the graffiti I reported yesterday had been cleaned up this afternoon. It was still there this morning when Jean and I went for our walk, but now it's gone. Good work SCV Graffiti Clean-up Team!

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  1. Such a cute little girl! Here in St. George, our Parks guys take care of the graffiti. Our mandate is to remove it within 24 hours that it's reported. We're lucky here, we're almost graffiti free!


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