Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Enjoying This Weather

Was warmer when I got up this morning. 44° is still chilly for us here in California though. After breakfast had to fix one of my sprinklers. I noticed that when they came on this morning, the water pressure was very low, so I started to check them and found that one of the sprinkler heads was missing and I had a small “geyser” in the yard. I had to dig and replace the head and then the sprinklers worked just fine. Then I headed up to Sam's Club for a few things and to get gas in the car. Came home and took Hiker for a walk. It was pretty windy and in the 60's when we were out. I ate too much for lunch and felt too full to go for a second walk with Hiker. Don't think I'll eat dinner tonight. Anyway, we just went out into the backyard and played for awhile. She kept wanting me to chase her around the yard and try to take her toy away from her but she's way too fast for me. It actually got up to 70° this afternoon. I decided to sit outside on the patio with my iPad for awhile and I was actually feeling too warm in the sun.

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  1. Hey Kay!
    Feeling too warm in the sun, that sounds like Georgia! :-)
    Having a good Autumn, hope so!
    KAY G.


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