Saturday, November 24, 2012

Too Hot For November 24th

I was sore when I woke up this morning from helping Jean put up her decorations. I took Hiker for a short walk around our gated community this morning and it “limbered” my muscles up some. When we got home, Hiker was laying out on the patio and I had the patio doors open. Would you believe that after a couple of months of nothing, that crazy guy in the blue and white helicopter buzzed Canyon View Estates again? He flew over extremely low twice. I should have grabbed my camera and taken a photo showing his call letters on the chopper so I could turn it into the sheriff. I cannot believe that no one else has turned him in. Did a load of laundry and settled down to watch The Hallmark Channel for awhile. Hiker kept trying to get me outside to play with her and her stuffed toy. I play for awhile, but she wears me out, LOL. Went down to the park this afternoon. Didn't stay long because it was too hot outside. We got up to 89° here today and it's almost December.

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