Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crowded Room

Hiker was not happy this morning. She seems to know when it is Tuesday and that I am going to leave her for about 5 hours. I left a little early for my group today because I know they have a polling place there and I thought maybe the parking lot would be full. DeDee got there early too for the same reason, but we found an almost empty parking lot. Our group just seems to be growing more and more. By the time our therapist got there this morning, we had standing room only. During our session, we opened the back door of the trailer where our meeting room is because it was getting stuffy in our room. DeDee noticed an animal going up the hill with something in its mouth. She asked me if it was a fox. I don't know if we have foxes around here or not, but when I looked, I recognized it as a young coyote and it seemed to have a small rodent in its mouth. I'm just glad it didn't get curious and come in through our back door (LOL). After group, five of us ladies went over to Red Robin for lunch. Hiker was all kisses and hugs when I got home. I walked her down to the park for a little while. It was a little cooler her today, but still go up into the high 80's.

Hiker getting some sun


  1. She must get lonely when you are gone, but you need your time. Does she stay outside when you are gone?


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