Tuesday, November 20, 2012

She Talked And Talked

Went to my Grief Support Group today. You all remember me telling you about Edwin and how obnoxious he was and how he never stopped talking. Well today we had a new person, a woman, who could out-talk even Edwin. She was not obnoxious like he is, but the minute our therapist asked her if she wanted to talk or just listen, she started talking and we all thought she was never going to stop. She doesn't just tell you the basics, she started telling us her entire life. Her husband was a retired Sheriff’s detective and she told us about his family, all of their doctors, all of the deputies at the Sheriff station, all of the trips she and her husband took, etc. Our therapist would finally cut in and start to talk about something else, but then one of our male members who was sitting next to this woman would ask her a question and off she'd go again. When some of us went to lunch after group, we decided she must be a very lonely person and has no one to talk to, so when she got the opportunity, she was going to take it. I felt sorry for her but I didn't think it was right that she was hogging all of the conversation. Our session room was “standing room only” today. As our therapist says “it's a good thing that these people are coming because they need help, but it's bad because it means they had to lose someone the loved to be there”. When I got home, I took Hiker down to the park for a few minutes. It was a pretty day.

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  1. Sounds like they need two sessions, so more people can talk and so that the room is not so crowded.


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