Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dark, Cloudy Day

Woke up not feeling well this morning. Not really sick, just not feeling “normal”. I fell asleep on the sofa last night watching “Criminal Minds” so went to be and fell right back to sleep. I wish I could make myself lose weight the way I made Hiker lose weight. When I took her to the Vet on Oct. 5th, they weighed her in at 45.7 lbs. I weighed her on my digital scale on Oct. 15 and she weighted n at 47.6 lbs. I cut back on her dog food, stopped giving her bites of my food when I eat my meals and I've been walking her more. I just weighed her on my scale again and it shows she now weighs 38.2 lbs. That's 9.4 lbs in 3½ weeks. The Vet had wanted her to lose 8 to 10 lbs...well she did. I've noticed that ever since we changed the time last Sunday and I adjusted my grandfather clock that the chimes are not working correctly. It is not ringing the correct time. I know it takes a little while for it to catch up with itself when you first change it, but it has never taken more than about 2 hours. Guess I'll have to try to find a clock repair place here in town that specializes in grandfather clocks. Stayed inside all day. It was cool and cloudy outside and we had some light drizzle. I was on the sofa all day watching TV.

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