Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Cold Must Bring Out The Crazies

Was 33° this morning, so Hiker and I once again cuddled under the covers until the heater warmed the house up. Went for a morning walk. By the time we left it was about 45° but the wind was blowing so it felt colder, but I am not complaining after that long HOT summer we had. Washed my sheets and towels and vacuumed the carpet, then headed over to the post office to mail my homeowner's and earthquake insurance. Must have been “idiot on the road” day. First there was a woman trying to park in front of my neighbor's house. The person behind her just kept honking their horn at her for no reason. I encountered two people who flatly refused to turn right on a red light when no one was coming, even though it is legal in California unless posted. Had a guy riding my bumper and he could not have been more than 2 feet off my bumper. Another moron turned left when he was not in the left turn lane. But the best one of all was an idiot on a bicycle. Our city has great bike paths all over the valley. They are there because it is not safe to ride in the heavy traffic on the main roads. This guy was riding his bike down Soledad Canyon Road in the middle of traffic, making people swerve around him and almost colliding with on another. The bike path was right next to him, but there he was being a traffic hazard. Took Hiker over to Canyon Country Park and walked around. Was too pretty of a day to stay inside.

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