Friday, November 30, 2012

Hiker's "New" Bed

Rained all night again. It's not a heavy rain. Just a constant drizzle, but that's good because it waters my yard without flooding. When Hiker and I got up this morning it was not drizzling but everything was still wet. Jean called me around 7am to see if I still wanted to take the dogs for a walk. Hiker really wanted to go, so I said yes, but we decided not to take them to the park because it's very muddy down there. Instead we walked them around inside of our gated community and it gave us a chance to look at people's Christmas decorations. We did not have the dogs normal play time because my backyard was very wet. I had to go up to Sam's Club this morning. Took Hiker with me. She slept in the car while I was in the store. I had to buy some “big” items so it was a little pricey this time. I've been thinking about buying Hiker a dog bed to put in front of the fireplace so she could lay there and keep warm during the winter. I checked out several dog beds at several stores...Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Bed Bath & Beyond, PetSmart, but just could not find one I liked for her. Then suddenly I heard Ben's voice in my ear. Several years ago, Ben's sister Donna had made a huge “body pillow” for Ben. I had it on the shelf up over the bedroom closet and had pretty much forgotten it was there. Ben was always very “frugal”. I heard his voice telling me “you don't have to buy a bed for can use that big pillow Donna made”. Well DUH! I got the pillow down from the shelf and put it in front of the fireplace and guess who decided to take a nap on it? The sun came out this afternoon, but it's still a little cool outside and we are supposed to get more rain this weekend.

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  1. Nice bed for Hiker! She looks comfy laying there, very cute.


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