Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hiker Has A New Game

Today was my “group” day so did not take Hiker for a morning walk, but she is doing a “new” thing now. She keeps one of her stuffed toys out on the patio. Well has started going out and getting it and she comes to the patio door with it in her mouth and sits there and stares at me because she wants me to come out and play with her. She wants me to chase her all around the yard, which totally wears me out (LOL). I played with her for awhile and then made her come into the house so I could leave to go over to the senior center. She didn't like that because it meant she'd have to be alone for 5 hours. We only had one new person at group today and she was not there for the grief portion, she was there for the “moral support” portion, but she didn't arrive until the second half which is the grief portion. After group, me, DeDee, Carol, Gin and Jane went over to Dario's Mexican Restaurant. It is only a few blocks from the senior center. When I got home, Hiker greeted me at the door with kisses and then I took her down to the park for awhile. When we got home, she again went outside and got her stuffed toy and wanted me to come out and play. I did for a little while, but I had some other things that I needed to do, so she sat at the door with the toy in her mouth again staring at me. When I was driving home after lunch, I was sitting at a stop light and I saw two little tiny dogs running down the street with no collars and no humans. I didn't see where they came from and they disappeared into some bushes and I couldn't see them anymore. It just tears at my heart when I see dogs running loose because I know how I would feel if Hiker was out lost and all alone. Last night I didn't eat dinner because I was so full from lunch and I feel the same today...no dinner again.

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