Friday, November 16, 2012

Hiker's Grooming Day

Heard it raining some last night. Hiker woke me up at 6:15 am to go potty. It was not raining at that time. We got out of bed this morning because we had a dog walk with Jean plus Hiker had an appointment to get groomed after the dog play date. It was very cloudy while we were out walking, but it did not rain. I stayed at Jean's house while she groomed Hiker. It was funny, when Jean went to put Hiker in the tub, Hiker grabbed onto my leg with her front paws and it was like a little kid going to kindergarten for the first time and wrapping it's arms around mommy's leg because they didn't want her to leave. That's how Hiker had a hold on me and she was trying to “clamp” on with her claws. Finally got her to let go and Jean finally got her into the tub. Once she is in the tub, she is good and lets Jean wash her. So now Hiker is all clean and her hair is all soft a fluffy. She smells good too because Jean sprayed her with something that smells like mixed berries. I went over to our new 99¢ Only Store. It was jammed. It's only been open for a week. I just walked through quickly and then headed home. Took Hiker for a short afternoon walk. It was still very cloudy. The sun did come out for a few minutes right after lunch. Notice that one of my neighbors had put up all of his outside Christmas decorations already. A little too early if you ask me.

All clean an pretty (she smells good too)


  1. Hiker is looking beautiful, but she always does. have a great weekend!

  2. I can almost see her holding on to you. My daughter got her little poodle groomed today. When she went back to get her Callie started trying to get to her. One of the groomers said."I can tell you right now that she doesn't want to be where you are not"


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